TODAY’S CHIPTUNE: Deerful: Some Things Stay the Same

Hey! Spotlight tunes are back! Today, we feature a track from UK's Deerful - Some Things Stay the Same - a delightful little bit-pop tune. Enjoy!


SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

In case you didn't see our submission update recently, submissions are open for our two new and first-ever Expansion Packs! Volume 1, which looks to feature female, trans and nonbinary musicians will benefit the Women's Autism and Nonbinary Network and Expansion Pack 2 will feature Actually Autistic musicians and benefit the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network! Check … Continue reading SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

[NEWSWORTHY] Autistic Children Being Locked or Secluded in Rooms by Schools – Seriously, What the Hell?

Made my blood boil reading this. Isolation and seclusion is not how to make ANYONE of any group, mental or physical minority, feel and become a valued member of society. It sure as hell isn't a great way to deal with autistic people. Please retweet if you agree. Article from NPR.

VOLUME 4: Now Up for Preorder!

Volume 4: Infinite Potential, our newest compilation is now up for pre-order at Bandcamp! This album features 28-tracks from across the chiptune spectrum, featuring several neurodivergent artists and was mastered by B.Bear with this gorgeous art by longtime C4A contributor Viridian Kurisu! Preorder now using the link below and you can get half the album right now! … Continue reading VOLUME 4: Now Up for Preorder!