A Year in Retrospect – 2017

Just wanted to go over our great year for C4A – this was our first full year of existence, as we only existed half a year in 2016 and boy, was it busy!

To start off, we had our FIRST LIVE SHOWCASE at Tom’s Daiquiri in Denton, TX. We had musicians from everywhere from South Texas to Oklahoma to even Kentucky! (yes, I am certain ATKstat is crazy about us!) Performing was Bit.Lich, Metroyd Myk, ATKStat, Enders Crusade, DYA and myself (Asperkraken). The show was a big success and we raised over $200 dollars for our causes!


Too bad I didn’t catch any good audio. Boo!! But ATKStat did manage to stream the set and got us well our 150 viewers at one moment – and that was with some connection issues.

In June, we had our second show at the Bearded Monk in Denton, TX and made some new friends. In addition to myself, we had a slew of newcomers including DJ Marty Gruver, Roborob of Tinywaves, Josh Krow, Rust Easy aka Space Donut and myself. Bryan Kissel aka Beaker was also of much assistance! Look at these handsome cats.


We also had a big article written up on us in the Dallas Morning News that discusses our cause – and that was in addition to the coverage and great support given to us throughout the Chiptune community – from our friends at Chiptunes=WIN to the Gameface Show and Chipbit Radio!

In July, we launched Volume 2: Powers of the Spectrum to a great response. It has been even more successful than our first release and featured even more tracks and artists, including more newcomers from countries as far apart as Indonesia, Austria and Mexico! All corners of the earth. (We’ll find that Antartica chiptuner one day.)


We also continued to enjoy support from our friends at Distrokid – who continue to provide us streaming services on a ton of platforms out of the kindness of their hearts. We recommend them if you’re a musician too.

And in November, we relaunched our site in a more user-friendly blog format and so far people are digging it quite a bit. Speaking of outreach, we have over 600 Twitter followers to date, a Facebook group of almost 400 people and our posts are reaching about 500-600 people a post. Not bad for a group that uses NO MONEY it raises on itself. Seriously. Our money goes to help people. We don’t have executives. Too much overhead honestly. And our inaugural single, Aspergers Beat, has almost 2000 plays alone.

So what next? Well, for starters, our MAGFEST show, an upcoming sensory-friendly ambient release and more showcases and…. Volume 3 of course! Speaking of which, do you write music? We’d love to have you.

Thank you all, listeners, readers and artists alike for making this a great year. Thanks to you this keeps going. You ARE ALL INCREDIBLE.

-Awkward waves,



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