Submissions Closed, Volume 3 News

Alright folks! Submissions have closed for volume 3 and I want to thank the musicians who all are participating! You are all incredible! And if you missed this time, no worries! We have one every year!

Here’s some info about Volume 3! Mastering duties this year are being handled by Erik Peabody, the proprietor of Viking Guitar! This is his second time doing mastering for us and he is awesome! Our art this time will be done by Randolph Waddell aka Dachampster, creator of Sasha Ruins Everything, who has done music for two of our previous comps and volunteered at our Magfest 2018 showcase! We will also have new website art coming soon courtesy of Cristian Tellez Vargas aka Viridian Kirisu who has also contributed to V3 musically and Volume 2!

We are aiming for a mid/late May release! More coming as we hit the mastering/polishing stage! Stay tuned!!!


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