[NEWS] C4A/Site is Expanding!

Hello folks! While C4A is currently in the mastering process for Volume 3, you may have noticed some changes on the site!

  • First, we now have a FRIENDS OF C4A section to link places and people who have supported us! We also now have a dedicated links section for contributors as a “thank you” for all they do for us! If you want to know more about a C4A song, visit those links!
  • Second, we now have a more dedicated section for booking and showcases! If you want to host a showcase or know more info, check that section out!
  • Third, we also now have a WORKSHOP section for all-ages events! These events will be more interactive than our SHOWCASES and are places where you can meet us and interact with our equipment as well!
  • And fourth, how about this cover art from Dachampster? You might recognize someone. You will also notice our Bandcamp has gotten a facelift courtesy of Viridian Kurisu!



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