News Beat! 06/26/18

Hey folks! Been a bit quiet but we got some major milestones this week:

I will be hosting our first workshop on Saturday! Come see me and bring your autistic family and friends to my workshop where I will demo and teach Chiptune on Korg DS-10 and Rhythm Core Alpha 2. I will also have some hands-on STEM learning bits with LittleBits Synth Kit, Nintendo Labo and an Ototo.

We also have a contest coming soon – if you’d like to help us build inventory for this workshop, keep a close eye on our social media.

And a special note – our domain is down at the moment due to technical issues – but if you’re on social media you probably don’t notice! Bu anyways, will be back shortly!

Also busted 800 followers on Twitter (thank you all) and passed a big milestone on Bandcamp – Volume 3 just passed the total sales of both Volume 1 and 2 so far!!! Thanks to the near 30 talented people who made this and those who already bought it! You are all incredible!!!


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