News Beat August 2018!

Hey folks! Got lots of news for you! First off, we are about to expand our YouTube channel with individual sets from our Bearded Monk gig which, if you missed it, you can catch in entirety on our Twitch page!

Second, we will be making a LIVE EP of some of the show for those who don’t want to sit three hours through the thing and who want to keep supporting us. Thanks again to Ricky Case aka ATKstat for putting our audio and video efforts together!

Thirdly, we may have another release in the pipe soon. More on this soon.

Also a contest coming up to get us ready for our next workshop at Dallas Museum of Art! More on this soon!

And what about Volume 4? When will submissions open?……

Not right now, but soon!

Thanks for reading and you are all incredible!


2 thoughts on “News Beat August 2018!

  1. Hey! What you’re doing here sounds really cool. As a chiptune artists who’s been diagnosed on the spectrum, it amazes me that this organization exists.

    Recently I started a podcast and a humble community called A Bit of Chiptune. I’ve been trying to reach your group to start some sort of dialogue but this is all I could find. I’d like to offer our support, and I’m also curious about chiptunes 4 autism and the things you do. If you could send me an email that would be awesome.

    PS: Our website is in the works so I can’t send it quite yet.


    1. Hey sorry for the long wait! We are a small group and I essentially do most of the publicity on my own (minus Ricky Case who has handled our livestream!) You can use the links above to connect with us via Twitter and Facebook as we tend to have more followers there and therefore respond quicker. The second FB link is our community and we would love to meet you! Thanks and you are incredible!


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