2019 Plans in Focus, C4A META Stats!

Hey folks! It’s been a while! Got some great news beats for you! We are already in planning stages for the next C4A showcase – but starting TODAY – we are planning our first solid CD release, kind of a sampler to sell at our shows and events! I know for our showcase we are aiming for June-ish and more of a Convention show than a bar gig. And also we are KILLING it on Amazon! In fact we made TRIPLE on their platform in November than we did on Spotify, making it our most successful streaming platform to date ( still not touching Bandcamp though). And don’t forget, submissions are open for C4A Volume 4: Infinite Potential! Already getting in some great submissions and can’t wait to hear who is next!

And how about some stats? Asperger’s Beat is our first track to bust 2000 streams on Spotify, but we have some newcomers to the 1K Spotify club! Congratulate Connor Hoban (aka Ethereal Psyche) with Tears, Carlino Ellementrino and Aaron Hickman (Dya and Themnotyou) with Adventure Awaits for busting it – and Aaron Parsons (aka Lazynerd) is coming close to hitting the 2K club at 1.6k plays (tied with Ethereal Psyche!!) Fear of Missing Out by Chippix (formerly DrakeTKoFKbam, aka Emre Saglam) will easily be the next in the 1K club if the most popular track from V3, Invincible by Shakaboyd (Adhy Saka Juhansyah) doesn’t beat it (both are at 900 plays each). Other close contenders at 800 or so are Beehive by B-Type (Stephen Brunton), Hello Massacre, Ghost Mouse Ball Riders by Future Eater (Boo Meringue) and then in the top ten is V2’s most played track, Thinking With Power by Metroyd Myk (Michael Blanton)!

Thanks to all of you for making this all possible! You are all incredible!


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