[NEWS] News and More News!

Hey folks! Thanks for everyone who tuned into the C4A at DMA Show! We’ve been talking and we got some news for you!

We are planning two expansion/mini-releases for later this year! We do best when we have new music out in the wild and release dates are tentative! Submissions may open soon – but we may make JANUARY the start of open submissions for Volume 5, which will mark our 5TH ANNIVERSARY! So it’s gotta be big!

We also are accepting writing from actually autistic people. Tell us about your experiences, your challenges, your opinions. Let us be your platform! We want to go beyond just releasing music – our social media base can be used for so much more for the cause.

Also, VOLUME 4 is now on Amazon and Tidal! We don’t know WHY it’s so late but whatever! Tune in if those are your audio platforms of choice! (We are crazy popular on Amazon for some reason.)

If you haven’t followed our INSTAGRAM yet, get with it! There’s only 20 spots left to get entered into our giveaway which is open to our first 100 followers on that platform!

And we also broke the 1000 mark on followers this year on Twitter! AND we are about to hit 1.1k!

More to come! Thanks for tuning in!



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