[SENSORY TOOLS] Artiphon and the Orba!

I was pleasantly surprised when, after talking with Orba, I was contacted by these folks who are making this wonderful sensory-driven music tool and had a terrific discussion about what they want to do with it and how it can help sensory diets and all walks of autistic people. I will tell you this: they are serious about making this both sensory friendly and sensory-seeker satisfactory to neurodivergent people and even asked me personally about what features would be helpful and what could be added to the project. Make no mistake: these people are very serious about the potential of what they are making. If you haven’t, do take note of their Kickstarter. Here’s a video of it in action. So honored to talk to these folks and have my actually autistic opinion heard when it comes to devices that could be therapeutic and resourceful to autistic people. That, and these folks were just pleasant to talk to, period. Enjoy.


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