[CHIPTUNE] Stat Time! Stream data from Spotify!

While we are waiting on our ArlingCon announcement and for Volume 5 submissions to roll in, time to share some stats from Spotify!

Our number one track from Volume 4 is Duzzled’s “Distorted Persona” which looks well on track to join the 1k club on plays! (Currently at 739) “Dream” by Lateralis and “Dancing at the OK Club” by Grizzly Cogs will soon top 500!

We have 6 tracks from Volume 3 that are set to hit the 1k club – Deerful’s “Some Things Stay the Same,” (now in the top ten all time!!) Lex the Lexicon Artist’s “Artist Anthem,” Moonbeam Audio’s “Smile,” Dya’s “Concordia,” and LazyNerd204’s “Concentrated Validation!” Blight’s “Taro,” his first track by the way, deserves an honorable mention for 500 plays to date and rounding out the top tracks on v3!

Metroyd Myk’s “March of the Goblins” is also at 700 and those 7 latter tracks together are all in the top 20 all time! Metroyd Myk also owns the most popular V2 track with “Thinking With Power,” which is also set to be the first V2 track to hit 1k!

Shakaboyd’s “Invincible” is the most popular track on V3 and is gonna hit the 2k club soon! (At 1.5k) it is also our FOURTH most played track of all time! Soon, Lazy Nerd 204’s “Sensory Overload” will hit 2k – (at 1.9k) the second track to hit that after “Asperger’s Beat,” the inaugural single, at 2.2k plays.

The top ten of all time are “Asperger’s Beat,” “Sensory Overload,” Ethereal Pysche’s “Tears”, (1.8k), “Invincible,” Dya and themnotyou’s “Adventure Awaits” (1.5k), Chippix’s “Fear of Doing Wrong,” (new to the 1k club!!), B-Type’s “Beehive” (almost at 1k), Asperkraken’s “Hello Massacre” (926), and “Some Things Stay the Same!”

Infodump and hyperfocus concluded!

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