Our Newest Partners and Supporters! Meet Artiphon, Modal and Voltage & Co!

While we are gearing up for a great ArlingCon presence, I just wanted to thank some new friends of ours who are providing some great tools to us out of the kindness their own big hearts to help us and autistics express themselves through music and technology!

You’ve probably heard me gush about the Orba, a musical controller that responds to hundreds of different gestures and has been designed to assist in sound therapy and for autistic people as well and have put a lot of thought into its development. It’s made by Artiphon, who are also the makers of the award-winning Instrument 1. We will be demoing the amazing Orba at our ArlingCon workshop – come see it in person and we will do some cool stuff with it – and a big thanks to this small but dedicated team of hardware builders for both providing us with units and for bringing this great device to life!

Another big shout-out to another new partner (or partners) – Modal Electronics and their US distributor, Voltage and Company. Modal Electronics is a UK-based instrument manufacturer who makes “Machines for Musicians,” including the CraftSynth and CraftRhythm line, which are affordable synths that you can build without any soldering whatsoever. Their US distribution is represented by Voltage and Company, who, partnering with Modal, have graciously given us some drum machines you can build YOURSELF at our workshop! We’ll even show you how to sample your own voice to them.

Thanks to these great hardware companies for helping us out. It’s partnerships like us that allow us to exist and provide great STEAM-driven learning experiences. You folks are incredible!

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