C4A – Past, Present, Future and Beyond

So, you may have noticed some changes in our mission statement and noticed how we are dojng more than just chiptune compilations now. I suppose I should explain where C4A is headed.

As of now, we are working on becoming our own 501(3)(c)! We are proud of almost all the charities we have benefitted and hope for their continuation but in the last two years, we have realized that we are spreading a positive neurodiversity message ourselves – from people meeting us at our live shows to the message of our compilations to our sensory tables and workshops at places like the Dallas Museum of Art (and upcoming at ArlingCon 2020)! The sensory tools start conversations and let people realize how the world around us can shape people and how we can stimulate or sedate the senses to help the neurodivergent.

We want to help autistic people have great connections through the fusion of creativity and technology. Let’s face it – with even homeschool education being expensive (go price Chibitronics stickers or LittleBits for a moment) and many places disastrously low on resources for STEAM education, somebody has to fill in the gap.

Thanks to partners we have made this year, C4A is in a great space to do that. And if we can help underrepresented or underfunded neurodivergent communities while doing that, then the world is a better place for all of us. And definitely more noisy if you’ve heard us play live!

But even more importantly, we can show that neurodivergence and within, autism, is not a disability but a superpower. We want to show the value of a different wavelength. Our music and tech tables do that like a magnet. Come for the music, stay to learn some principles. We interacted with over 1000 people last year in person and if we can do that with just a couple of events, imagine if we drive to do more!

We have big visions! Chiptune is a part of us, maker culture is a part of us, (let’s be honest, Chiptune is a maker scene) creativity and technology is a part of us! We want all neurodivergent people to make the connections we have had and to express themselves in ways they may have not done before! Thank you for all who make this possible, from donors to Bandcamp fans to our sponsors to our awesome chiptuners and live performers and artists and all our volunteers – thank you and you are all incredible! 2020 is going to be an amazing 5th anniversary!!

And don’t forget – deadline for our double compilation, Volume 5, is May 1st!! We look forward to seeing you all! Submission rules here!

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