ArlingCon / Annual Showcase Canceled – Volume 5 still on schedule!

Howdy folks. While this should come as no shock due to the current state of the world, we are canceling our ArlingCon appearance and our annual showcase for the time being. We had hoped much of this would blow over by June, but current federal guidance from medical professionals makes that unlikely and current state guidelines where we operate are limiting hands-on activity. Since our interactive tables require a high interactivity and could break social distancing guidelines, for the safety of all parties, we will not host a table this summer. I want to thank all parties involved – including our new sponsors this year and UTA for being so accommodating and supportive of us!

The good news? It gives us more time to plan for a better showcase next year and an even cooler interactive table! Use time wisely right? And submissions are coming in quite smoothly for Volume 5 – which will release no matter what by end of June. PXZEL is already working hard on masters and we got two artists (Viridian Kurisu and Dachampster) working on covers for both releases! so stay tuned! C4A still has plenty to show off this year.

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