Hey folks! Due to all the COVID-19 restrictions/safeguards in place, ArlingCon 2020 is going digital! Because of this, they have asked Chiptunes 4 Autism if we can do a live virtual showcase! The good news for this is we can have a ton of participants in a small time and you also get to experience a cool visual show and some fun facts too. Our homeboy MeAtSaNdAl will be handling the visuals – if you missed his amazing DMA Showcase visuals, you are in for a treat!

If you want to be a part of this, here is ALL you have to do:

  1. Send us some live audio, between 3-5 minutes (DO NOT GO OVER!! Under is fine though.) You can also send us some video of you doing a chiptune-based tutorial.
  2. Provide your social media links, a sentence or two bio and a cool STEAM fact about how you made your music (something where someone will learn something create and technical, like “I reprogrammed a TI-84 with homebrew software to make this track.”)
  3. And that’s it. As long as it’s a chiptune-ish genre, we want it. Previously released material is OK!
  4. Spots are limited as our showcase will be one hour. Please hurry!
  5. Send submissions to with the subject “ARLINGCON!”

Hope to see you all soon! Thanks to all who participate! You are all incredible!

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