Chiptunes 4 Autism is a passion project and fundraising nonprofit started in 2016 by an autistic dad named Gustuf Young (aka Oddioblender, Asperkraken). He grew up around autism his whole life with a nonverbal sister, autistic nephew and his own son who was diagnosed around age 3 before learning he, himself, was autistic.

After becoming interested in chiptune, he realized there were many people out there who, like him, were autistic and expressed themselves more clearly in music. After reading about another chiptune artist’s revelation of their own autism, artists from across the chiptune spectrum, from as far as Indonesia to England to North America, joined forces to create music for compilations that we now distribute through Bandcamp and other services, all for the sake of promoting autism positivity, neurodiversity and empowering people on the spectrum.

In 2017, various people joined us for live showcases to raise money on the spot. We are small but we have a lot of heart. If you’re autistic, we want you to know the ways you can express yourself. If you just want to help, we are glad to have you here. And if you just like listening, that’s great too. Thanks for being here. You are incredible.