[SENSORY] What Does “Proprioceptive” Mean?

Proprioceptive. Now that's a big one. Most spell checks don't even recognize it. What does that mean? Well, our proprioceptive system is located in our muscles and joints. Its what gives us our awareness of being pushed, pulled and squished - essentially the parts of our nervous system that detect force and pressure. It's also … Continue reading [SENSORY] What Does “Proprioceptive” Mean?

Expansions 1 & 2 on hold – Volume 5 coming May 2020!

Hey folks! Due to us not having enough submissions, we are shelving Expansion Packs one and two! Artists who already submitted to these releases are welcome to go ahead and put them in for Volume 5! Don't be discouraged by the way - we have usually been slow on submissions this time of year, so … Continue reading Expansions 1 & 2 on hold – Volume 5 coming May 2020!

[SENSORY TOOLS] Artiphon and the Orba!

I was pleasantly surprised when, after talking with Orba, I was contacted by these folks who are making this wonderful sensory-driven music tool and had a terrific discussion about what they want to do with it and how it can help sensory diets and all walks of autistic people. I will tell you this: they … Continue reading [SENSORY TOOLS] Artiphon and the Orba!


Two-time C4A contributor, always autistic musician and an inspiring force behind the founding of C4A, Stig of the UK has released his first album in years since Velocity. The album features several of his works that were previously exclusive to C4A and Chiptunes=Win releases. We HIGHLY recommend this album from this talented and actually autistic … Continue reading [ACTUALLY AUTISTIC MUSICIANS] Stig – The Unrealist

[NEURODIVERGENT] Wesley Willis, Schizophrenic Musician

If you were a 90's kid or were perusing the dark side of music in the early 2000's, you might find the name Wesley Willis familiar. But I find myself looking back on the late artist and street performer with much respect, even if people discounted him as a sideshow. Wesley Willis was schizophrenic and … Continue reading [NEURODIVERGENT] Wesley Willis, Schizophrenic Musician

The Orba, a haptic feedback instrument and MIDI controller!

The makers of the Artiphon are now looking for backers for their next project: a musical controller that fits in the palm of your hand, able to cue up drums, melodies or patterns with just simple gestures, even by simply moving it around. They hope it will find use in sound therapy and be welcomed … Continue reading The Orba, a haptic feedback instrument and MIDI controller!

C4A at DMA 11/15-16/19 Gallery!

We had a blast once again at the Dallas Museum of Art, with founder Asperkraken putting on a pair of performances and us having a massive 12-foot sound and sensory play table! Check out DMA's Twitter and Instagram to hear some words from us too! Here are some pictures courtesy of us and the DMA's … Continue reading C4A at DMA 11/15-16/19 Gallery!

Our June Showcase is now on Youtube! ATKstat, Rainbow Trash, Dya and Asperkraken live at DMA!

Did you miss our live set at Dallas Museum of Art this past June? Not to worry! Courtesy of our friend ATKStat, an excellent stream of the whole three hours plus show is now on our Youtube! Excelsior! Featuring ATKStat, Rainbow Trash, DYA and Asperkraken - visuals by Meat Sandal! https://youtu.be/KqgSbetg4Ao