The Epics of Enkidu – A Comic/Myth About An Autistic Superhero

Hello friends! I wanted to share with you this upcoming IndieGogo campaign about a sequel to the oldest story ever written, the Epics of Gilgamesh, and it's a comic about an autistic superhero. The author hopes to spread messages about neurodiversity and displays autism as a superpower, where the hero's mind works so fast that … Continue reading The Epics of Enkidu – A Comic/Myth About An Autistic Superhero

[SENSORY TOOLS] Artiphon and the Orba!

I was pleasantly surprised when, after talking with Orba, I was contacted by these folks who are making this wonderful sensory-driven music tool and had a terrific discussion about what they want to do with it and how it can help sensory diets and all walks of autistic people. I will tell you this: they … Continue reading [SENSORY TOOLS] Artiphon and the Orba!

C4A at DMA 11/15-16/19 Gallery!

We had a blast once again at the Dallas Museum of Art, with founder Asperkraken putting on a pair of performances and us having a massive 12-foot sound and sensory play table! Check out DMA's Twitter and Instagram to hear some words from us too! Here are some pictures courtesy of us and the DMA's … Continue reading C4A at DMA 11/15-16/19 Gallery!

Autism Acceptance versus Awareness – from an Actual Autistic

Full disclosure: I am an autistic male. That's why I go by Asperkraken, because I want to own it. Several musicians on our compilations are autistic (Metroyd Myk, Iron Curtain, LazyNerd204, Ava Hart, Stig, etc etc). So I wanna talk about this month because it's Autism Acceptance Month or Autism Awareness Month, depending on who … Continue reading Autism Acceptance versus Awareness – from an Actual Autistic

Anxiety Gaming is now!

News flash! Longtime C4A benefactors Anxiety Gaming have involved into You Are Rad - aka Rise Above the Disorder, still continuing the good fight of providing mental health care and eliminating the stigma of neurodivergence in all forms! You will see our links update soon for those wondering! Keep up the good works Jason Docton … Continue reading Anxiety Gaming is now!

[BELATED] Transgender Day of Visibility – Wendy Carlos

I became aware I missed the Transgender Day of Visibility recently. Pretty ashamed I did so since gender identity is becoming a more visible part of the actually autistic community and also because several respectable chiptuners I know (including some C4A contributors and performers) identify as transgender! Which led me to realize that I forgot … Continue reading [BELATED] Transgender Day of Visibility – Wendy Carlos

[ARTICLE] Was Syd Barrett Neurodivergent?

So I have been thinking a lot about Syd Barrett lately as Pink Floyd has been a hyper focus for me as of late. Now, this article is meant to be speculative, respectful and works off conjecture. I hope I do not offend any of his surviving family with this and more importantly, don't expect … Continue reading [ARTICLE] Was Syd Barrett Neurodivergent?

The Autism Diagnosis Quest – Part 2

  So time to continue the quest. This is the second in a series of posts on my real quest for an autism diagnosis. If you haven't yet, you can read the first post here for some perspective. So, my first approach, being an uninsured adult, was to approach the EAP - Employee Asssistance Program … Continue reading The Autism Diagnosis Quest – Part 2