[CHIPTUNE/SENSORY] C4A @ ArlingCon 2020! More Info to Come!

Save the date! C4A will be back at ArlingCon 2020 this year! Our sensory tables plus a new interactive segment will be featured and we will also be hosting a panel on neurodiversity in nerd culture! We will likely have a live performance as well - we will put an official event on our EventBrite … Continue reading [CHIPTUNE/SENSORY] C4A @ ArlingCon 2020! More Info to Come!


Hey folks! Time to meet another actually autistic musician! This week, meet three-time contributor and performer at our first showcase ever, our friend Michael Blanton - aka Metroyd Myk! He has an album named Heart of the Juggernaut and it's quite worth a lesson. Classic LSDJ chiptune. https://metroydmyk.bandcamp.com/


Two-time C4A contributor, always autistic musician and an inspiring force behind the founding of C4A, Stig of the UK has released his first album in years since Velocity. The album features several of his works that were previously exclusive to C4A and Chiptunes=Win releases. We HIGHLY recommend this album from this talented and actually autistic … Continue reading [ACTUALLY AUTISTIC MUSICIANS] Stig – The Unrealist