[CHIPTUNE of the DAY] LazyNerd204 – Vaccines Never Made Me Talented (#actuallyautistic)

Today's tune is from our Canadian friend Aaron Parsons, a 3-time C4A contributor and an actual autistic. I think the title says it all! Don't forget: we want #actuallyautistic composers for Expansion Pack 2! Check our submissions link for more details up top! https://open.spotify.com/track/25HLReAbZ3UvpQOUnpMdKd?si=XfM6gooDSaWojYpwqry2Ag


SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

In case you didn't see our submission update recently, submissions are open for our two new and first-ever Expansion Packs! Volume 1, which looks to feature female, trans and nonbinary musicians will benefit the Women's Autism and Nonbinary Network and Expansion Pack 2 will feature Actually Autistic musicians and benefit the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network! Check … Continue reading SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

VOLUME 4: Now Up for Preorder!

Volume 4: Infinite Potential, our newest compilation is now up for pre-order at Bandcamp! This album features 28-tracks from across the chiptune spectrum, featuring several neurodivergent artists and was mastered by B.Bear with this gorgeous art by longtime C4A contributor Viridian Kurisu! Preorder now using the link below and you can get half the album right now! … Continue reading VOLUME 4: Now Up for Preorder!

[Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute

Hello friends, musicians, allies and fellow autistics: While my life has been busy the last few weeks due to life changes, I have missed some changing culture at one of our longstanding benefactors. I thank a fellow autistic for warning me about this. Over the past month or so, some reviews have been circulating about … Continue reading [Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute

Autism Acceptance versus Awareness – from an Actual Autistic

Full disclosure: I am an autistic male. That's why I go by Asperkraken, because I want to own it. Several musicians on our compilations are autistic (Metroyd Myk, Iron Curtain, LazyNerd204, Ava Hart, Stig, etc etc). So I wanna talk about this month because it's Autism Acceptance Month or Autism Awareness Month, depending on who … Continue reading Autism Acceptance versus Awareness – from an Actual Autistic

An Autistic Superhero by an Autistic Creator!

This autistic man, Dave Kot, has created a comic with an autistic superhero - as in autism is his superpower! It is called Face Value and even teaches autistic people how to understand facial expressions. Pretty darn amazing. What an empowering idea for neurodivergent people. I recommend this highly. Follow the link for more! Read … Continue reading An Autistic Superhero by an Autistic Creator!

NonPareil Institute is Expanding!

Very exciting news about one of the great nonprofits we support - the NonPareil Institute. This great studio strives to supply better futures for adults with autism by  giving them skills in technology and the tools to make games and apps so they can enjoy an independent future doing things they love! They are looking … Continue reading NonPareil Institute is Expanding!