[Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute

Hello friends, musicians, allies and fellow autistics: While my life has been busy the last few weeks due to life changes, I have missed some changing culture at one of our longstanding benefactors. I thank a fellow autistic for warning me about this. Over the past month or so, some reviews have been circulating about … Continue reading [Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute


Day of Mourning for Filicide Victims – March 1st by ASAN

Every year, people are murdered by their caretakers. Join our longtime benefactors, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, in a vigil in the memory of those disabled people who have been victimized by those they trust. You can attend a virtual vigil on March 1st here: https://m.facebook.com/events/466395480560834/

Another Reason to Avoid Cure Language. This is Horrifying.

Yet another reason to avoid “cure” language when speaking of autism. In Britain, as many as six kids were subjected to drinking bleach in order to “cure” them. I am pretty sure most people know NOT to do this, but episodes like this and the way the internet can be used to rapidly spread disinformation … Continue reading Another Reason to Avoid Cure Language. This is Horrifying.

Should Autistic People Be Classified by Wristbands?

Don't know if you heard about this story, but a police officer attacked an autistic person after mistaking their stim for a probable cause or a symptom of drug use. Because of this, that department is starting a classification system for people who are neurodiverse, such as wearing wristbands to label oneself as autistic. While … Continue reading Should Autistic People Be Classified by Wristbands?