[CHIPTUNE] Stat Time! Stream data from Spotify!

While we are waiting on our ArlingCon announcement and for Volume 5 submissions to roll in, time to share some stats from Spotify! Our number one track from Volume 4 is Duzzled’s “Distorted Persona” which looks well on track to join the 1k club on plays! (Currently at 739) “Dream” by Lateralis and “Dancing at … Continue reading [CHIPTUNE] Stat Time! Stream data from Spotify!

[CHIPTUNE of the DAY] LazyNerd204 – Vaccines Never Made Me Talented (#actuallyautistic)

Today's tune is from our Canadian friend Aaron Parsons, a 3-time C4A contributor and an actual autistic. I think the title says it all! Don't forget: we want #actuallyautistic composers for Expansion Pack 2! Check our submissions link for more details up top! https://open.spotify.com/track/25HLReAbZ3UvpQOUnpMdKd?si=XfM6gooDSaWojYpwqry2Ag