DOJO: LSDJ Tutorials by HarleyLikesMusic

Hey! Been a while since our dojo section went up, but HarleyLikesMusic has been doing great little video tutorials on the current weapon of choice of most chiptuners - LSDJ - and has been developing a class for neurodivergent people too! Check it out and give him some much deserved likes! (P.S. his music is … Continue reading DOJO: LSDJ Tutorials by HarleyLikesMusic

[DOJO]: Making Chiptunes: Korg DS-10 (by Asperkraken)

So, as an autistic person, I have also been trying to compile a list of devices and programs used to write chiptunes so that if other autistics perhaps want to express themselves through electronic music, that they can visit the Dojo here and get some ideas. We also have several experts who have contributed to … Continue reading [DOJO]: Making Chiptunes: Korg DS-10 (by Asperkraken)