Pictures from MAGFest – Part 2

Some more pics from Magfest, courtesy of Ami Moregore Photography! Stop by and give her Facebook a like as thanks for her great snaps! And one last update - thanks to a surprise donor (who is full of WIN - ahem) our Magfest donations hit $300! You folks are incredible! Aaron Hickman (Dya) is the … Continue reading Pictures from MAGFest – Part 2


[RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.

At long last, this reissue has come. This was an ambient album composed in 2006 with minimal ambience, a sensory-friendly album meant to be calming and musically therapuetic. No beats, no noises, just melody. Auditory medicine. If you ever want something to listen to that is low impact or to help you regulate sensory overload, … Continue reading [RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.