Our June Showcase is now on Youtube! ATKstat, Rainbow Trash, Dya and Asperkraken live at DMA!

Did you miss our live set at Dallas Museum of Art this past June? Not to worry! Courtesy of our friend ATKStat, an excellent stream of the whole three hours plus show is now on our Youtube! Excelsior! Featuring ATKStat, Rainbow Trash, DYA and Asperkraken - visuals by Meat Sandal! https://youtu.be/KqgSbetg4Ao

Don’t forget! Submissions wanted!

Don't forget! We are taking submissions for our first two expansion packs! Female, nonbinary and trans wanted for our Women's Autism and Nonbinary Network and actually autistic people wanted for our Autistic Self Advocacy Network benefit! Check the submissions link above for more details! Chiptune, synthwave and nerdcore welcomed

[CHIPTUNE of the DAY] LazyNerd204 – Vaccines Never Made Me Talented (#actuallyautistic)

Today's tune is from our Canadian friend Aaron Parsons, a 3-time C4A contributor and an actual autistic. I think the title says it all! Don't forget: we want #actuallyautistic composers for Expansion Pack 2! Check our submissions link for more details up top! https://open.spotify.com/track/25HLReAbZ3UvpQOUnpMdKd?si=XfM6gooDSaWojYpwqry2Ag

SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

In case you didn't see our submission update recently, submissions are open for our two new and first-ever Expansion Packs! Volume 1, which looks to feature female, trans and nonbinary musicians will benefit the Women's Autism and Nonbinary Network and Expansion Pack 2 will feature Actually Autistic musicians and benefit the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network! Check … Continue reading SUBMISSIONS OPEN! Expansion Pack 1 (Female/Trans/Nonbinary) and Expansion Pack 2 (Actually Autistic)

[NEWSWORTHY] Autistic Children Being Locked or Secluded in Rooms by Schools – Seriously, What the Hell?

Made my blood boil reading this. Isolation and seclusion is not how to make ANYONE of any group, mental or physical minority, feel and become a valued member of society. It sure as hell isn't a great way to deal with autistic people. Please retweet if you agree. Article from NPR. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/05/726519409/desperation-and-broken-trust-when-schools-restrain-students-or-lock-them-in-room