Volume 4 NEWS!!! HUZZAH!!!!

Utterly delighted to see all the submissions for Volume 4 this year!! A whole lot of newcomers this time around, some returns and some collaborations too! Got everything from dubstep to chip-fused rock this time around! We can't wait to share it with you! Are you someone who missed the submission window? No sweat. We … Continue reading Volume 4 NEWS!!! HUZZAH!!!!


[Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute

Hello friends, musicians, allies and fellow autistics: While my life has been busy the last few weeks due to life changes, I have missed some changing culture at one of our longstanding benefactors. I thank a fellow autistic for warning me about this. Over the past month or so, some reviews have been circulating about … Continue reading [Announcement] Parting Ways With NonPareil Institute

News Beat! February 1, 2019! ArlingCon Update! Volunteers Wanted!!

Hey folks! News flash! Asperkraken here with an update!   We may return to ArlingCon this year - currently planning a panel on neurodiversity in nerd and video game culture and a workshop table for interactive music - also HOPING to have a live showcase here as conventions give us way more interaction. While none … Continue reading News Beat! February 1, 2019! ArlingCon Update! Volunteers Wanted!!

[NEWS] C4A/Site is Expanding!

Hello folks! While C4A is currently in the mastering process for Volume 3, you may have noticed some changes on the site! First, we now have a FRIENDS OF C4A section to link places and people who have supported us! We also now have a dedicated links section for contributors as a "thank you" for … Continue reading [NEWS] C4A/Site is Expanding!