[CHIPTUNE/SENSORY] C4A @ ArlingCon 2020! More Info to Come!

Save the date! C4A will be back at ArlingCon 2020 this year! Our sensory tables plus a new interactive segment will be featured and we will also be hosting a panel on neurodiversity in nerd culture! We will likely have a live performance as well - we will put an official event on our EventBrite … Continue reading [CHIPTUNE/SENSORY] C4A @ ArlingCon 2020! More Info to Come!

[SENSORY] What Does “Proprioceptive” Mean?

Proprioceptive. Now that's a big one. Most spell checks don't even recognize it. What does that mean? Well, our proprioceptive system is located in our muscles and joints. Its what gives us our awareness of being pushed, pulled and squished - essentially the parts of our nervous system that detect force and pressure. It's also … Continue reading [SENSORY] What Does “Proprioceptive” Mean?