All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only)

All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only) — Read on


[RESOURCE] LiGA-Asperger 7

This is a Facebook group of Latin-speaking people to provide positive support for autistic adults and to help them obtain diagnosis and hands-on support from other autistics. Latinos are sorely underrepresented in the autism community in the United States so if you are one of them or know one of them who needs support, this … Continue reading [RESOURCE] LiGA-Asperger 7

NonPareil Institute is Expanding!

Very exciting news about one of the great nonprofits we support - the NonPareil Institute. This great studio strives to supply better futures for adults with autism by  giving them skills in technology and the tools to make games and apps so they can enjoy an independent future doing things they love! They are looking … Continue reading NonPareil Institute is Expanding!

The Autism Diagnosis Quest – Part 1

There may be many adults out there who may have self-diagnosed, taken quizzes online, had suspicions or may have even talked to people on the spectrum and questioned themselves. Before I begin my own story, I want to say this. If you are autistic or believe you are on the spectrum, the diagnosis is only … Continue reading The Autism Diagnosis Quest – Part 1