[RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.

At long last, this reissue has come. This was an ambient album composed in 2006 with minimal ambience, a sensory-friendly album meant to be calming and musically therapuetic. No beats, no noises, just melody. Auditory medicine. If you ever want something to listen to that is low impact or to help you regulate sensory overload, … Continue reading [RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.


SENSORY: Shake it Out with Pedram Shojai

Not sure how "woo" you may be, but lately as an autistic I have found this exercise to be incredibly soothing and useful for shaking out bad energy or just restlessness in general. You may not look like this while doing it, but it feels good. Kind of reminds me of how we regulate ourselves … Continue reading SENSORY: Shake it Out with Pedram Shojai