FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

So you guys are a non-profit organization? What do you do?

Currently we raise money by selling and streaming music through various services, including iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and more. We don’t keep any of the money we make for ourselves – 100% of our funds go to our partners, who share our visions and because of their large networks are able to help people quickly. You can meet them here. We also hold SHOWCASES where we take donations in person. Inevitably, we would like to connect with more autistic people and hopefully help them to express themselves through technology. This is something we are working towards with OUR WORKSHOPS!

Where can I donate? Do you take direct donations?

We currently don’t take direct donations outside of our live shows. The best way to do so is to buy one of our albums through one of the many links above – we recommend our Bandcamp for the record as you can donate custom amounts and we receive this – and can get it to the right places – very quickly. Anything you buy from our iTunes or other portals go to us, as do streams thru Spotify. Check the icons up top!

What is chiptune?

Chiptune is a musical genre where people either create music on vintage game systems or emulate that style of music and its limitations through other means. There are a variety of methods to make it, from Gameboys to tracking programs on computers to even analog parts glued together. There is no wrong way to do it.

I think I may be autistic or know somebody who is. What can I do?

Our partners, Anxiety Gaming and Autistic Self Advocacy Network can help you or someone you know on those fronts. There are several self-evaluations online that may help you find closure and several states have local non-profit clinics or organizations that may help you. As stated before, team up with our partners.

What is neurodivergence?

Neurodivergent is a term that autistic people and people with different neurologies use to describe themselves. Currently, the neurotypical world likes to use terms like “high-functioning” or “low-functioning” to attempt to classify autistic people. Not only are these terms offensive (ask yourself: do you want to be considered “low-functioning?”), but they do little to address the wide range of challenges and attributes of autism. Also, autism is a spectrum of states and not one case is the same as another. For instance, I myself have a sister who would be considered “non-verbal,” but she can be independent and do all the things you and me do – and she does talk, she just uses words differently. So is she “low-functioning?” She is intelligent, is great at organization amongst other things. I also have a son who is “verbal” and has a large vocabulary who needs help with a lot of things. I myself have trouble in social situtations and I stim constantly. The autism scale is not horizontal as much as it is a honeycomb of colors. Everyone is a different hue, and we don’t fall in a place on a line where one end “functions” and another “does not function.” This COMIC by Rebecca Burgess is a great resource to break that down.

How and where do I submit music?

Visit our Submissions page for more details.

I am not a musician but would love to help!

We are usually needing art for our site, album covers and other things and, if you have something interesting to write or talk about on neurodivergence or autism, we would glad to feature you in a spotlight blog. Helping spread the word, social media or flyers or otherwise, also helps too when the need arises.

What happens to my music when it makes it on a compilation?

We don’t keep any rights to your music. We only ask for about a month of exclusivity (not releasing elsewhere) then do what you will, as the first month is when we get the majority of traffic for a release! Your music will be listed on (most of) the music services as “You, Chiptunes 4 Autism” so everyone is credited for their work. For some reason since their last app update, Spotify lists us as “Chiptunes 4 Autism feat. You” or “Chiptunes 4 Autism +1.” That feature is a Spotify exclusive for some reason. However, when you Google search yourself, your Spotify track will most certainly come up as you. Very odd. UPDATE: However, we also now list liner notes on Spotify so you are listed as songwriter WITH your media links AND people can see inspirations for the tracks! Cool, right? All tracks will be attributed to you and you keep all rights, we just ask you let us stream it thru our channels to raise funds for our partners.

I released music on a compilation! Can I do something with it later?

Sure thing – we don’t keep your music. If you can keep it exclusive for a month before releasing it, that’s all we ask. Afterwards, do what you will – we only ask you link us to help spread the word with it later and let us stream it to raise funds.

I am broke, but wish I could contribute!

You don’t have to buy our music – you can stream it and we get revenue from the ads. Just add us on your Spotify playlist! We are on many other streaming services too worldwide.

I would love to play a show with you or host one myself!

Great! Let us know where you are playing and who is joining you. Currently we are based in North Texas so most people drive down here – but if you would like to host a showcase and can handle sending funds thru PayPal, we would love your help.

As for participating with us locally, we usually send out communication through our social media channels when we recruit for a showcase. All skill levels and styles welcomed! More on this in SHOWCASES.

Also, if you are neurodivergent and have a story to share, we would love to share it, with your permission. Feel free to contact us! We would love to meet you.

I am a venue and we would love to have you folks play. 

To book a SHOWCASE, click here!

Full disclosure: we are leaning more towards conventions and all-ages events over smaller venues for the sake of greater interaction and exposure overall.

Will you guys ever carry merchandise or solid albums?

TBA – but these will largely be distributed at OUR SHOWCASES and WORKSHOPS so that they can be used to ultimately raise funds for our causes!