February News Beat!

So, dunno if you heard, but they found major overlaps between patterns in brains for people with autism and other neurodivergences. There is a very thought-out and particular article here that explains it in more technical terms than I. But it also confirms that none of the genetic signatures for autism correlate with poor health … Continue reading February News Beat!


Meet Me and My Autistic Family.

Me and my autistic family were featured on CNN recently. Meet me and my family. Enjoy and I hope you find joy in this video.   https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/story.php?story_fbid=144030369523155&id=141205943138931&ref=page_internal

Another Reason to Avoid Cure Language. This is Horrifying.

Yet another reason to avoid “cure” language when speaking of autism. In Britain, as many as six kids were subjected to drinking bleach in order to “cure” them. I am pretty sure most people know NOT to do this, but episodes like this and the way the internet can be used to rapidly spread disinformation … Continue reading Another Reason to Avoid Cure Language. This is Horrifying.

NonPareil Institute is Expanding!

Very exciting news about one of the great nonprofits we support - the NonPareil Institute. This great studio strives to supply better futures for adults with autism by  giving them skills in technology and the tools to make games and apps so they can enjoy an independent future doing things they love! They are looking … Continue reading NonPareil Institute is Expanding!

[RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.

At long last, this reissue has come. This was an ambient album composed in 2006 with minimal ambience, a sensory-friendly album meant to be calming and musically therapuetic. No beats, no noises, just melody. Auditory medicine. If you ever want something to listen to that is low impact or to help you regulate sensory overload, … Continue reading [RELEASES] Catharis: A Sensory Friendly Album.