Showcases and Open Mic

Upcoming Showcases!

NOTHING HERE right now! If you want to change that, check out our instructions below! C4A is not hosting any live events through the end of 2019!

UPDATE: As of 2020, we will begin having an “open mic” segment at the start of shows to allow volunteers to come up and play for us and our audience. If you show up, feel free to participate – we just ask that participants keep their sets friendly to the venues we are at (so if we’re at an all-ages comic convention, probably not good to swear, for example).

This page is where we list our live showcases, which are where we feature a variety of chiptune artists, are semi open-mic and where we raise money directly and in-person for our causes! We take direct donations here and sell merchandise in exchange for such, all while providing sweet chiptunes! These are not the same as our workshops, which, while featuring some music, tend to be more all-ages events where we let people play with our equipment and interact much more. (We may often bring a sensory table to all-ages events and venues, however.)

Our events feature amazing visuals, a variety of chiptune artists and genres and we will always have some sort of cool loot to sell. We may also bring a sensory/music table should the need/opportunity arise as these are a big hit at all-ages events! Example of us below:

Bookmark us and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (logos up top) to catch us in action when the time comes! We aim for a couple a year. We will also announce it on all our social media platforms.


  • Read this all below first.
  • With few exceptions, we are *mostly* limited to Texas at the moment for the sake of keeping our very very very very tight budget! (We are a nonprofit, after all.)
  • Out-of-states may still contact us – as like I said, we can make exceptions and have people in other states! NOTE: Larger exposure events are more likely to earn an exception. (We’ve done Magfest, and hopefully, will again!)
  • If you cover our travel, that can be a BIG exception. We like our funds to go to OUR PARTNERS though, not air/land travel if at all possible.
  • We don’t do pay to play gigs. No soliciting.
  • However, we love smaller venues. We don’t charge cover or take any cuts or whatever of things you sell – you are a business after all. If you just need music and want to give us exposure, we are all for that, minding the rules above.
  • We don’t “own” or “retain” any C4A contributors – they all contribute freely to us of their own awesomeness! If you want to book any of them individually for their own for-profit events, click on their links and contact them directly!
  • To book C4A, email us with the topic BOOKING to!



  • If you are an artist who would like to play with us, follow our social media and we will send out battle calls when we need musicians! Send us a SoundCloud or Bandcamp link to show us your stuff and we will hit you back.
  • Please be aware: we welcome artists of all skill levels. There are going to be new people. That being said, elitism or hostility towards people trying to learn or do better with us will not be tolerated. Be better than that, or better yet, teach someone how.
  • When playing C4A, please use language that is autism positive! ACCEPTANCE, NEURODIVERSE, UNIQUENESS and EMPOWERMENT are words we want to use. If you are not sure how to communicate this, don’t worry. We won’t be jerks! Just ask – we are happy to educate!
  • We also welcome artists and celebrate people of a variety of backgrounds and cultures! Our group is a safe place and any senseless bigotry, sexism, racism and genuinely foul and unwelcoming behavior is not tolerated at any of our events. Period.
  • Please be respectful of the venues we play at and respectful to their staff as well!
  • With that being said, whenever we do need people, just email with SHOWCASE in the title/subject line with your music links so we know you are for real and we will be happy to work with you!
  • You may also interact with us at the social media links above!



Maybe you’re out of state but you got a lot of chiptuners eagers to help C4A. At some point, we will want to play outside of Texas – that’s where you come in! If you would like to host a C4A showcase and handle donating those funds yourself, come talk to us on Discord or in Facebook Messenger or the Facebook Community. (or even tweet us on Twitter.) We can help you with advice, guidance and instructions on how to make your event great.