Submissions (DUE APRIL 30TH 2018)

We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 3: Neurodivergent Forces!

If you write chiptune, nerdcore, 8-bit, or anything that might relate to these genres, (we have had everything from 8-bit rap to heavy guitar licks over chiptune) we would be glad to have you. We publish our compilations online through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and various other outlets and all the proceeds go to our partners!

Our guidelines are easy:

  1. Submit a chiptune/nerdcore track/whatever in WAV format, uncompressed preferred. The less manipulated the waveform / soundfile is, the better.
  2. Please submit an original track. We don’t ask to own your track, but we only ask that it is exclusive for at least a month after we release it.
  3. Original tracks only, please do not use musical elements from currently existing game music.
  4. Please give us your name, artist handle, any social media info and your thoughts, inspiration and idea behind your track. We tend to copy your ideas verbatim to the Bandcamp so make them good!
  5. Your track should be about neurodivergence, or accepting people who are neurodivergent, or have an uplifting message. The concept behind Volume 3 is to show the power of minds not typical. So run with it.
  6. Submissions should be emailed to, preferably in a Dropbox or Google Drive link. They should be received by April 30th 2018. (Extensions may be asked for under circumstances. Just ask, as sometimes mastering takes a while.)
  7. Ideas for these conditions were taken from the Chiptunes=Win Compilations, run by President Hoodie. Thanks to him for the ideas.
  8. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Facebook Community.