Submissions (MUSIC, WRITING, ETC)




Our annual compilation, will have its submission window open at January 3rd, 2020 and the Deadline will be May 1st, 2020! Read rules below for more and for info about our EXPANSION RELEASES! Send submissions to with [SUBMISSION – VOLUME 5] in title.



This compilation will feature female, female-identifying and nonbinary composers and thus, submissions for EXPANSION PACK ONE will only be open to people who identify as such. EMAIL submissions to with [SUBMISSIONS – EXPANSION PACK 1] in title. Follow all other guidelines below! (We also need an ARTIST and a MASTERER) Deadline for this compilation is extended to December 1st, 2019! (Subject to change) If you are not female, nonbinary or identifying as such, please consider submitting to Volume 5! (NOTE: Those not identifying as such may participate in a collaborative capacity with a female/nonbinary musician.)



This compilation will feature Actually Autistic people who make chiptunes/nerdcore/chip-genres or whatever! Therefore, this compilation will be for neurodivergent people who identify as autistic, either diagnosed or self-diagnosed. (We also need an ARTIST and a MASTERER) Follow all other guidelines below! Email submissions to with [SUBMISSIONS – EXPANSION PACK 2] in title. Deadline for this compilation is extended to December 1st, 2019! (Subject to change) If you are autistic or identifying as such, please consider submitting to Volume 5! (NOTE: Those not identifying as such may participate in a collaborative capacity with an actually autistic musician.)


If you write chiptune, nerdcore, 8-bit, or anything that might relate to these genres, (we have had everything from 8-bit rap to heavy guitar licks over chiptune) we would be glad to have you. We publish our compilations online through Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and various other outlets and all the proceeds go to our partners!

Our guidelines are easy:

  1. Submit a chiptune/nerdcore track/whatever chip-genre in WAV format, uncompressed preferred. The less manipulated the waveform / sound file is, the better. Have some silence at start and finish. Try to keep your sound files below -6 dB – if you don’t know what that means, just try not to record it so loud it distorts. (I recommend a free program like Audacity for help avoiding this.) We proudly accept a wide variety of chip-genres – vocals are OK, instrumentals are also OK! Feel free to add guitars and other instrumentation as well. We also dig experimental or abstract works too. Like I said, NO LIMITS on genre.
  2. Please submit an original track. We don’t ask to own your track, but we only ask that it is exclusive for at least a month after we release it (in some cases, previously released material NOT featured in a compilation may be accepted – just ask). Submit to and put [SUBMISSIONS] in the title and since we now do EXPANSION PACKS, make sure to specify which compilation to which you submit. (i.e. [SUBMISSION – EXPANSION PACK 1] in subject or body.)
  3. Original tracks only, no covers, no remixes, no tributes : please do not use noticable musical elements from currently existing game music. ACCEPTABLE: Using a shout sound file from a video game character, like Ryu’s grunt in Street Fighter, in a drum beat or as a sound effect. NOT ACCEPTABLE: Taking the Mario theme and throwing a beat under it.
  4. Please include a text or doc file to give us your name, artist handle, any social media info and your thoughts, inspiration and idea behind your track. Also include any requests for mastering (fade outs, bass boosts, whatever). We tend to copy your ideas verbatim to the Bandcamp so make them good! Also, if you prefer to be known/credited to a handle than your real name for songwriter credits (legal credit), let us know! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS – IT IS AN INCREDIBLE HASSLE TO HUNT DOWN LINKS AND MEDIA LINKS DURING RELEASE TIME. DO THIS SO WE CAN LINK OTHERS TO YOUR WORK SO THEY CAN SEE HOW INCREDIBLE YOU ARE!
  5. Our compilations always have different themes. If you need help with realizing these ideas, check out our previous compilations for inspiration! Generally, anything titled or themed or inspired by/about neurodivergence, acceptance of self, mental states, challenges and positivity are welcomed!
  6. Submissions should be emailed to, preferably in a Google Drive or Dropbox link (any fileshare is fine as long as its downloadable). Make sure permissions are set to edit so our masterer can make a copy to polish. (We WILL NOT share this link.) Extensions may be asked for under circumstances. Just ask, as sometimes mastering takes a while. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SOUNDCLOUD OR BANDCAMP LINKS – please send a link to a file in the method above.
  7. Ideas for these conditions were taken from the Chiptunes=Win Compilations, run by President Hoodie. Thanks to him for the ideas.
  8. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Facebook Community, hit us up on Twitter or Discord or you can email us directly.
  9. After the first month, you are free to do whatever with your track! And you may contact us if you would like a copy of the master.



  1. We are always accepting writing, art or comics on neurodivergence, real life experience by neurodivergent people or discussing neurodivergent concepts. We ask for NO EXCLUSIVITY rights and merely request that we may post it on our blog. You are free to share, reshare and use it on other platforms. We merely ask for the privilege of using your content to spread the word about neurodivergence, the challenges and issues we may face, and we VERY MUCH want content from ACTUALLY AUTISTIC people.
  2. Any racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, ageist and ableist content will not be accepted under any circumstances, ever.
  3. Any content with “cure language” or extremely negative connotations about autistic people will also not be accepted.
  4. Email your work to with the subject [SUBMISSIONS – (insert medium here)], i.e. [SUBMISSIONS – WRITING].
  5. We are always accepting writing and art. Thank you for your time. And if you are interested in doing our album covers, please let us know if you are willing as we always welcome new artists and the chance to give them a place to showcase their work!