Workshops & Sensory Tables

This page is dedicated to our workshops and sensory tables which feature hands-on time with our equipment and more direct interaction with us and are always all-ages events. We will usually place these outside of our live showcases at all-ages events as well such as museums and conventions. Our tables feature all manner of chiptune, maker and music making equipment as well as items that address sensory needs like noise-canceling headphones as sometimes our events can be overwhelming, as well as some literature to teach about neurodiversity and the importance of autism acceptance.



For live shows and booking showcases of multiple C4A artists. this is the wrong place! Check out the SHOWCASES/BOOKING section! (You can also contact those artists directly at the Friends of C4A link!)

If you’re interested in hosting our workshops/panels/sensory tables, let us know! They are highly interactive and appeal to all ages and are also great for conventions! (We bring our own amplification for a variety of settings!) They are also the best place to meet with and talk to us directly. For our last three events, they have been very popular and can be a great place to network with hundreds of people in a short time frame.



We would love to meet you. We tend to tailor workshops for the timeframe and event and highly prefer collaborating to suit the needs of people there and for your unique event. We want to make each one special! Email with WORKSHOP or SENSORY TABLE in the title so we can collaborate. Just some requests:

  • We are largely limited to Texas unless you are covering travel. As a nonprofit, we like all our funds to go to our partners and not air travel.
  • We do not do pay to play events – no soliciting!
  • We want to play events that are autism positive! Celebrate being different and ingenious and we will love to help you celebrate that!
  • We love conventions! We require electricity but hardly any space. Usually a standard 6×2 table is enough room for us.